Innovation in services

Innovation in services

Services to entrepreneurs increasingly provided on-line offer and are more concentrated around decentralised groups (for example, banks, accounting firms, local networks of entrepreneurs).

The number of on-line services in the relationship between employer and employee is growing (for example in the areas of payroll, health, safety and absence guidance, ongoing education, e. a). For the SME entrepreneur, making a choice from the entire on-line offer is a time consuming and difficult exercise, especially in relation to price/quality. SME entrepreneurs seek cooperation in the joint purchase of services at one or more suppliers.

In this study, the following questions are addressed:

to what extent does values of an on-line platform play a role in realizing the ambition? Which design factors influence the use of an on-line platform, in other words: what conditions must an on-line platform focused on delivering services to SMES organizations, meet?

Forms of cooperation introduced in this study are analysed in the research based on 4 criteria:

  • Nature of the partners in the cooperation
  • Objective of the cooperation
  • Duration of the cooperation
  • Scope of the network