Innovation through incubators

To a Dutch SMES Start-up incubator

Europe and the Netherlands especially can learn a lot from the way in which incubators in Silicon Valley help start-ups to take the step onto the market. And in particular how they can find the right balance between "upstream innovation" (product development) and downstream innovation "(market movement). An important question that is answered in this project is how the proven success formula of incubators in Silicon Valley can be unravelled and what lessons this may have for Dutch incubators. Thus, one can mirror incubators who know how to make a difference. Incubators, in short, who have a track record. In this study, these success factors are disclosed and concretely translated into the Dutch context. It is not about copying Silicon Valley, that won't be possible anyway, but it is about fathoming useful application possibilities. And all to help the Dutch SMEs to innovate with the best available knowledge about incubators. The idea is to use the expertise obtained via this research to define practical framework conditions that a successful incubator have to comply with. This includes the selection of start-up teams, intake procedure, review of innovative products and services, organization and control of the incubator, housing and technical facilities, funding, start-up grants, support around business plan and product development, fine tuning marketing plan, mentoring, funding proposals, team collaboration, etc.