Our partners

  • Van Spaendonck fundatie


    The Van Spaendonck Fundatie makes a financial contribution in order to facilitate scientific and practical (research) projects. These projects are aimed at improving the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises/institutions involved in economical sustainability.

  • Van Spaendonck


    Van Spaendonck believes that successful business contributes to our society. Strong entrepreneurship is the driving force behind innovation and social transitions. The focus at Van Spaendonck is a successful SME. We also believe in the power of collaboration. Because through cooperation, little things become great.

  • TIAS School for Business and Society


    TIAS works based on the idea that economic success and social progress go hand in hand, the one cannot be without the other. Therefore, besides transferring knowledge and skills, TIAS also emphasises on encouraging a critical and inquisitive approach.